Birthday FAQ

Your baby’s birthday is coming and probably this is your baby first birthday. You might be clueless of what to expect from a birthday session. Here are some Birthday FAQs when you book a birthday session with giant and friends.

How is giant & friends birthday session unique?

As the star of the special day, many friends and families would like to play and congratulate your baby. They would shake your baby hands, play with his cute chubby cheeks, and constantly try to make your baby smile. However, baby gets really tired fast when constantly surrounded by so many unfamiliar faces. What’s the fun of getting photographs of a grumpy baby on his or her special day? That’s why we offer a pre-session as part of our package.

Pre-session is a mini studio concept where we bring our props on location specifically tailored to match your birthday theme. The pre-session is limited to one theme and one outfit and lasts between 15- 30 minutes, so it doesn’t drain baby’s stamina and your baby is good to go for the remaining of the party. Pre-session also helps the baby to get open up to the photographers, so we can get more happy smiley pictures of your baby. For more information on the pre-session please contact us.

What to expect from giant and friends?

We typically assign one or two photographers on the day depending on the area of coverage. We mostly use natural lights and only use flash if it’s necessary. Our approach is photo journalism which means we lean towards candid moments: The genuine smiles between parents and their babies; letting kids be kids, capturing as they interact and play with their friends; We capture the fun activities during the celebration. Typically with so many guests in the room, it’s hard to focus on everyone so it’ll be helpful to let us know who are your close friends and relatives so that we can capture all the beautiful moments that you might miss.

We also cover the standard group photos, candle blows, details of the cakes, gifts and decorations.

How to choose the right location to celebrate baby’s birthday?

Usually, food is the priority when it comes to birthday’s location. The restaurant or hotel has to serve a good selection of dishes to satisfy family, friends, and kids. Thus, usually parents had pre-selected the birthday venue before booking with us. If we may suggest, please pick a venue with a good lighting. Baby portraits look best with soft and even lighting which may come from a spacious place with lots of natural window light. So if possible please have your baby’s birthday during the day and avoid a dark closed space with no natural window light as this forces us to use flash for your pictures. This might result in a different look that you might expect from us. Remember that food last only a day, but pictures last forever.

So choose your venue carefully. If we have problem deciding which birthday venue to book, we would be happy to provide some suggestions.

How long is your session?

We will be there for the whole party duration which typically lasts from 2 – 5 hours. We do come early to get beautiful photographs of the decorations, and props that you’ve worked so hard to make them perfect on your baby special day!