Maternity FAQ

Rarely pregnant women would go the hassle of getting multiple maternity photo sessions, so capturing maternity might be a one in a lifetime event. As pregnant women may deliver as early as 28 weeks up to 42 weeks, so when is the best time to get a maternity photo session? Here is the list of maternity FAQ by our clients.

First Thing First

Check with your doctor if it’s alright to get a photo session. We won’t pose you to anything extreme, but a little bit of body movement is required and when the back is arched, the baby will often move and wiggle and this could bring to early contraction or ache and pain. Please inform your doctor so that they’re aware of your recent activity.

It’s better to clear the schedule for the day of your session. Take time to pamper yourself, have a good rest and simply enjoy yourself. Your body and baby will thank you.

Rest and simply enjoy yourself. Your body and baby will thank you.

Where is the Photo Session?

If you prefer, we could work with you from the comfort of your own home. Don’t worry if you’re on a bed rest, a picture of pregnant women sitting on the couch can be pretty gorgeous too. Alternatively, you can have the photo session at our studio. The benefit is you could access to more props and background setups. In recent sessions, most couples prefer to have their maternity session right in the comfort of our studio.

Do you shoot outdoor?

Generally, due to the increase of body heat, most of our clients prefer to have their photo session at the comfort of a fully aircon-ed studio. However, we always welcome the adventurous type that wants their special moments to be taken on the beach, forest, garden and some more exotic places. Just remember to bring more water, tissues, towels, and a little bit of snack to keep you going. Please email us if you have any suggestion for a fun outdoor session.

Can I include my family and kids?

Absolutely. Having the older siblings in your maternity shots would make a really priceless memory. And we don’t impose any additional charges on them. Don’t worry about the kids distracting the photo session, we have a handler to keep an eye on the kids so you could focus on the photo session.

So what is the best time to shoot?

Usually, 28  – 34 weeks is a good time. However, it is not the same for every pregnant woman. The general rule of thumb is that you want your belly to be round and full, and you want to be in great condition without much swelling. Usually, the latter you progress in your pregnancy, the higher is the chance of swelling. Do it earlier than later, because you never know when your little one might come out early. It’s best to book us 2-3 weeks in advance, however, we rarely turn anyone away. So if you really at the last minute, call us up and we’ll see if we can book a session for you.

What about wardrobes and props?

Over the years, we have collected a range of wardrobes of wraps, coverings, and outfits that you can choose from. We want to make sure that we’ve tailored our session towards your individual needs and you’re comfortable wearing our wardrobes in various poses. We are also growing our collection of props as you can see in our portfolio. You are welcome to bring your own wardrobes and props such as jewelry, necklace, accessories, ultrasound photos, hats, shorts, even shoes. Many of our clients prefer to go barefoot, but you are always welcome to bring flats, high heels or even boots! However please notify us if you would bring them to photoshoot as it gives us time to match your props with ours.

For the dad to be, we suggest simple, informal clothing as we want them to be comfortable as well. A simple one-colored polo or T-shirt would do. Light patterns or textures are ok. Little boys should follow dad’s style with light or dark shirts. The little girls are a little bit more pampered as we have dresses and tutus wraps or them as well.

Our idea is to create something simple, intimate and timeless.  Usually, our maternity sessions last between 2 to 4 hours. Within this period, we will provide 3 to 4 themes.

What should I bring to the studio?

Please bring strapless bra or kemben for your top. For bottom, you could bring leggings or tight pants. Our preffered colors are white, black or beige.

Do you shoot nude?

We only shoot nudity when you are 100% comfortable with being nude. It’s totally optional. Nudity is always private and discreet, and we only post them with your permission.

What about make-up and hair-styling?

We have in-house makeup and hairdo artists ready at your service for a small additional cost. Usually, our artists would take around 1 to 1.5 hours to perform their craft so please come early! If you have your personal favorite make-up artists and hair do, feel free to invite them to our studio. Generally, we prefer light sprint and soft look that accentuates mom-to-be beauty.