Newborn FAQ

We love photographing newborn and we want to make sure the smoothest session for you and your newborn. The FAQ has a list of most frequently asked questions that will help you to prepare before the photo session. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can always ask us!

When is the best time to shoot newborn?

Photographing a newborn baby is the best within 5 – 21 days of life. Typically during this time, newborn babies are very sleepy and ”bendable”. The focus of the session is to have the baby in perfect pose using blankets, wraps, and headbands. Let’s schedule the session before the baby’s birth to secure a spot in our calendar. You could contact us via email soon after you deliver so we could arrange a date.

How long is your session?

Our newborn session usually lasts between 2 – 4 hours with feeding, poop breaks, sleeping and posing. Some newborns need more time to get into deep sleep and this is something we can’t predict, we ask everyone to remain calm as baby can pick up nervousness and frustration in the room, especially from mom.

Is it indoor or outdoor session?

Most of our newborn photo session happens at the comfort of the client’s home, and if you’re comfortable and adventurous, outdoor. We don’t really need much space, only 3 meter x 3 meter, and we would be happy to move your furniture around and put it all back when we’re done. We advise mainly indoor to ensure baby’s safety, but if you have a good backyard, or pool we can do outdoors.

Lighting equipment?

Ninety percent of the time we use natural light as it works wonderfully on soft, light newborn skin. We only use flashes if it’s absolutely necessary, such as dark environment or rainy cloudy days. Prior to our arrival, it’s best to open the curtains so we could spot the best source of natural light in your home. Usually, the best spot is whenever there is a large window.

Our props?

We have a growing collection of baskets, blankets, and knit hats and headbands to bring to your session. You are welcome to use your own props. Look for items with texture and color to help make your pictures unique. We strongly recommend you to discuss any ideas, props and poses before the session so we know what to expect.

What should I Wear?

• Mom. Keep it simple, throw in color that you’d like, but avoid busy patterns. We suggest cotton knit and knit tops. It’s simple and timeless.

• Dad. Long or short sleeved knit. Undershirts also work well. Make sure your T-shirt is free of logos or too much writing and smoothing the wrinkles by ironing them. We’re also big fans of skin-on-skin portraits with you holding your baby against you.

What to prepare prior the session?

• Turn off the aircon 30 minutes before our session to ensure that the room is warm enough for the newborn.
• Loosen up the baby diaper and clothing at least 30 minutes before the session. This gives time for the imprinted mark to disappear.
• Sleep. We found out that babies look best when they are asleep. Feed and burp them early before our session to ensure they are sleeping happily. Don’t worry about keeping us waiting or having as many breaks as needed to make sure the baby refuel.
• With your permission, sometimes we like to use the bed as the backdrop. So please make the bed, as we don’t want a messy bed.

Should I be prepared during the session?

• Volume Down. Keeping the voices down helps to ensure smooth photo session. The older sibling might create a little noise, and it’s advisable to take them away. If you want them to be included, bring them at the beginning or the end of a session, then someone can take care of them.

• Relax. We’re pretty comfortable holding and posing newborns. Your baby is safe in our hands. We take the baby’s lead and say good 50% of your session will involve feeding, diaper changes, and cuddling to get the baby comfortable.

• Speak Up. If you have any concern during the session, let us know. We don’t want you to be uncomfortable and we want to ensure your baby’s safety is our priority. For that reason, we always have the parents or assistant nearby to lend support if needed.

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