Introducing Atlas

Far away from the world where all the human lives, there is a beautiful jungle called Wawaland. In that place we can see a beautiful green forest, flowers petals falling from the sky, the warmth of sunshine shining down and little birds flying around. In Wawaland also lives one of a kind friendly giant creature, named Atlas. Atlas is a giant covered in fluffy gray hair, reminded you of a huge teddy bear doll, adorable and comfy to hug. He is a cheerful giant who likes to wander around in the jungle of Wawaland to take pictures and collecting wild flowers then […]

Confession of a Screen Junkie

What’s the first thing you reach when you wake up in the morning, which is also the last thing you put off at night? If your answer is your baby, probably you’re lying! For me, it’s my screen device, it’s either my phone or my iPad. The countless games and apps inside the screen that accompanies me in my bathroom, dining table, and also during heavy traffic of Jakarta. I gotta admit. I’m an iPad addict. I feel kinda bad because the addiction has somehow affected my life. It’s nothing dangerous or life threatening, but somehow I noticed behavioral changes […]

Capturing Life’s Greatest Gift

This is our special post because we are reaching 100th post on Instagram! It’s a little story behind our slogan Capturing life’s greatest gift, and why it’s so meaningful for us. By the way check out the beautiful artwork was created by my sis, so check out her instagram too! Did you know that a newborn baby monkey have learned to toddle just in three days, and a newborn elephant could walk just a few hours after its birth? And while monkeys and apes generally give birth within two hours, a normal human delivery is averaging 9 hours. Human babies are […]

Introducing Rizki The Nuclear Toddler

So for the past three months we’ve got a new accompany living in our house. Our maid brought her son together to work with us again. This time she came with a special 3.5 year old toddler named Rizki. And we don’t use that word “special” lightly. Oh come on, every toddler is special from a mom’s view you say? Remember the energizer bunny Charice we introduced a year ago? Well, in term of running around, jumping, wrestling and screaming, I would put Rizki on top of the champion list. Let’s say to sum up, this little boy is a nuclear power […]

Nuclear Toddler

Fresh or Silk Flower? What if you can have both of them?

Fresh flower or Silk flower? That’s one of the questions often asked when preparing a wedding. No doubt fresh flowers are really beautiful but you can’t keep them forever as sweet memories of your wedding. Silk flower lasts much longer and sometimes cost as much as the real flower. But have you heard of preserved flower? Preserved flowers are made by carefully selecting real flower at the peak of blooming beauty and then ‘eternized’ which is a process to introduce organic substances into the flower. This process allows the flowers to maintain their original shape, brightness, and suppleness. Just like […]

15% Discount for Giant & Friends, valid until 31st March 2014!

Dear friends, we are proud to be exclusive partner of little queen headbands. Until 15th March, we are giving 15% discount exclusive for little queen customers with minimum spending of Rp 200000. Offer valid for 20 babies, until 15th of March. Meanwhile giant & friends customers are given 40% discount for little queen craft products such as tutu dress & skirt, necklace and headbands! Also valid till 15th of March. So made your booking with us now!#giantandfriends #littlequeenheadbands#babyphotography! Definitely check out Little Queen Headbands on their FB! Capturing Life’s Greatest Gift 3 likes The Staycrowned Workshop Experience – Style 10 likes […]

The Staycrowned Workshop Experience – Branding

I would argue that brand is the most powerful thing on earth, even greater than sex. Whether it’s a camera, a handbag, shoes, computers…you name it, you could find a cult follower on everything, ready to stand for the brand that they love. Nikonians would battle over Canonians on who is sharper, who has the dreamier bokeh, who has the faster lens, why Nikon is always better than Canon, and vice versa.  The strong would stay strong on the brand he believes in, those not so strong would sway, and change “religion”. We would cheer when a Nikonian decided to […]

The Staycrowned Workshop Experience – Style

There’s this small Italian restaurant located at the back alley near the Thames River in Richmond, London. Run by real Italians, this cozy but cramped place only has few tables that are always packed with people during lunch and dinner time. What caught my attention was there’s no menu in the restaurant! The chef would personally come to your table and ask for things you don’t eat, or allergic of, then he simply went back to the kitchen, and that’s it! He didn’t ask you if you like spaghetti over pizza or fish over pork. Again no pictures of food […]

Practice Develops Good Photography Habit

“Hey you’ve got a nice picture! What app did you use to do that?” The picture in question is my profile picture. The artwork wasn’t created nor edited by any app or software. It was hand drawn by my talented and kind sister. Check out her work Technology has pampered up so much that we expect there’s an app to do everything in our life: deliver our foods to door step, taxi finder to go places, online shopping, even finding a girlfriend / boyfriend and of course to enhance our images. I admit it helps to make things easier, faster […]

What can we learn from Food and Photography

This is not a post about cooking food or a food recipe. I do cook some simple dishes but I won’t call myself a cook or chef. The most challenging dishes I could cook are fried rice and pasta, and that I won’t share with other people, not because I don’t like sharing but my dishes are usually between edible or simply disgusting. Okay, enough words to embarrass myself. This post is not about my cooking skill. It’s about similarities between my two greatest hobbies: photography and eating good food.   As a toddler, our parents always reminded us to […]