Deryl – Newborn portrait – 14 days

Are you familiar with the faces in this album? Yes, they are Richard and Cecil, my good friend. I was there to capture their timeless moments in the wedding. Then during the 8th month of Cecil’s pregnancy, I captured the soon to be parent in our mini studio. So when baby Deryl was born, I couldn’t wait to capture Deryl’s newborn portrait. It’s like watching a movie trilogy. You know it’s going to be three parts, but you can’t watch them all at once. Gotta wait for a year or so to slowly watch them in the fullest.

In that sense, I know Deryl will be a special newborn boy even before he was born. First of all, he arrived 4 days earlier than expected. Thankfully there’s nothing serious and mom’s is in good condition 🙂 Secondly Deryl is so sinfully gorgeous. Usually it takes few months for babies to truly shape form to be so called beautiful or handsome. But even on day one I’ve heard so many of our friends telling Richard on how gorgeous Deryl is. Just by looking at his a sharp nose, the pointy large ears, and bright eyes, I know I am going to have a good set of nice newborn portraits. And indeed he delivers as you can see from our pictures.

Thank you Richard and Cecil for letting me to be part of your life’s important milestones. Thanks for making us feel special.