Devon & Denzel – Newborn Twins

I used to daydream a lot when I was a little boy and my favorite theme was super heroes and their powers. I’d imagined twins superheroes with opposite powers like fireballs and icicles; complementary powers like water and electricity; or able to read each other minds without having to say a single word; teleport to the twin’s location with a blink of an eye; and crazy ideas like one able to power destruct themselves and able to revive as long as the twin sibling still alive.

Haha.. Now when I think about it, it’s really kinda ridiculous but really fun at the same time to have a twin sibling. I would have to fight for shares on every single thing. From food, toys, clothes, and even my parents’ attention! We’d dress up the same way and entertain people with a name guessing game. I bet my parents would at least mistakenly us at least few times, but they’d never admit it.

I think twin babies are born to be competitive adults. Common siblings start getting compared when the younger sibling arrives. Twin siblings gets their comparison on day one, some even say it started on the first USG scan. On the first day, people would compare every single thing on the physical appearance, who has got more hairs, more weight, taller, more handsome. As they grew up to become a toddler, who is smarter, more active, more bubbly, etc. The comparison really is unavoidable and never ends until the last day of their life. Even at the end, they are competing who’d be called by God first? Haha..

Competition at such a young age is not a bad thing though. Having a twin sibling is like having a friend for life. Someone who understands you really well, you know each other limitations and strengths, and together you may overcome the life hardships.

As for photographing Newborn twins? It’s really challenging and exciting. They take turns to cry and sleep. But it’s really rewarding as you can see on our pictures. What do you think?

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