Eden Sander – Newborn 25 Days

Eden Sander was such a bless to make newborn pictures of. At 25 days and almost 5 KG, Eden was our plumpest and sleepiest baby we’ve ever photographed.

He sleeps almost throughout the picture session but when awake he gave us gorgeous newborn poses and expressions. I nickname him “si Gempal” from his super plump cheek. In case you wondered how come such a skinny parents would have such a healthy baby, I’d tell you a secret. Well her mom also happens to be chubby during toddler’s days. What matters is how you look when you’re adult, isn’t it?

Baby Eden also love to give little surprises. During the newborn pictures session, he raised his head on his own. It only lasted a second and we got so lucky to capture that moment because it’s so rare that a newborn could do that on his first month. Even his parents were surprised because it’s their first time witnessing that moment.

Eden is such a pleasure to photograph. We came out with so many gorgeous newborn pictures that hopefully parents would treasure and cherish for a long time. Giant and Friends team can’t wait to make many more pictures of Eden and his family in the future. Eden please grow up fast but not too fast.