Giofranco Newborn 19 days

Parenthood is a wonderful journey as you can get happiness from littlest things. Like when your baby smiled sheepishly in his dream, your mind wonder what’s he thinking about.  He doesn’t know anyone but you, so he must be dreaming about you, isn‘t he? Happiness from simply watching his stomach goes up and down, showing a sign that his heart is working well. When he moves his hand and fingers vigorously, making a random pattern, so chaotic yet feels so beautiful.

As we grow older what we can do is to recall all the sweet memories that seems to pass so fast. As a photographer, our responsibility is to freeze those moments. But not all the moments can be captured in still. This is where we introduce our new line, a still motion video to capture the little moments so that you’d remember those smiles, those heartbeats and small movements, so then when you grow older and wiser, you could remember vividly those moments as it is.

It will be our honor to be part of that experience, to capture your life’s greatest gift. Get to know us by email at and visit our home at and ig @giantandfriends

Hope to meet you and your baby soon!

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