Jasper and his planes – day in life session

Before the day in life session, Jasper’s mom had told him that a giant uncle with a camera is coming. So, I expected our first meeting will be fun and exciting. But when we met eyes for the first time, Jasper didn’t say a word nor smiled at me. He just stared then dragged his body to the sofa in the living room and stared at the blank TV. Oh boy, it’s going to be a rough day…Will the boy open himself to me today?

After a bit of brain loading time, Jasper moves to what I presume is his favorite spot, his bedroom. He got quite a plane collection that can make other boys around his age jealous. Whoosh whoosh and sometimes without a sound he moves the planes from point A to point B repeatedly. Jumping, and running from bed to floor back and forth as he pleases without any sign of boredom. Note that at this point, I already find it difficult to keep up with his enthusiasm. Thankfully his mom came to the room and change his cloth because what comes next is the playground time!

As you’ve probably noticed, Jasper is a 3 years old boy with a lot of energy to burn, and oh boy this little energizer can RUN. Now you see… Jasper likes to play and he doesn’t like a small room. So with a little bit of imagination, this huge jogging track is now a landing and take off track for planes to fly! And so there we go, this giant photographer trying to catch up a 3-year-old boy who runs like an energizer bunny without stopping. I decided to stop after 3 minutes of catching up and let him come to me instead. When I asked about the running to his mom, turns out Jasper’s father favorite sport is running and that’s also inherited to Jasper which explains a lot!

That day also happened to be the last day of Jasper with his friends and teachers at pre-school. On the way there, Jasper was having a big tantrum and it needs to be fixed so we stopped at the convenience store to get his drink. Look how happy he is after he got his fix! Jasper is a very active kid and he finds it difficult to stay still in the classes. He prefers to have motoric learning to be effective, so sometimes his action might disturb other kids in the learning. Although sometimes he can be a trouble his teachers and friends love him. His carefree attitude, genuine smile, kindness, and energy are contagious.

Jasper, just like your planes, this giant photographer hopes that you will soar high in life and with your positive and carefree attitude you may bring people together with you from places to places.