Jordan Day in Life and First Star Wars Birthday Session

Dear Jordan,

You know it’s your special day when your mom made a special star wars theme for your first birthday celebration. Just look at those Kylo Ren, C3Po, Han Solo, Princess Leia on your cakes; the awesome life-size Storm Trooper balloon, and of course the Darth Vader piñata. They all look so good and convincing that I wish my first birthday was a Star Wars birthday like yours!

I just want to tell you how lucky you are, to have parents that love Star Wars that they even force the guests to suit up on their best star wars character costume just for your Star Wars Birthday. That’s truly amazing!

My wish to you that you will remember your Star Wars Birthday for years to come. Know that how lucky you are, that you have parents that love Star Wars so much that they force all the guests and this giant photographer to suit up on our best Star Wars Costume. Your parents are such a legend! Remember to always be patience young padawan no matter how hard the challenges in life, and as always let the force be with you!


The Giant photographer – Jack