Kaylen – 13 Days Newborn

Unlike other newborn of her age, Kaylen caught us by surprise when her stern eyes looked straight to the camera, as if she knows exactly what’s going on. Two giant uncle and auntie posing her under cloth wraps and props while she desperately just wanted to go sleep. We are sorry baby Kaylen, we promise the next session won’t be as torturing, okay? Newborn Photography Jakarta

Despite her stern look, baby Kaylen is actually very kind according to her mother, Erika in which maternity we photographed earlier.

“She’s not difficult at all. Just change her diaper when she’s dirty, and feed her when she’s hungry and she quickly return to the calm and quiet state. She even smiled on the day she was born as you can see here.”

And I believe her, cause often people with the stern look has a kind heart inside, and I hope she’d grow into a beautiful girl with a heart of a lion.


The first time I felt you kick THe first time I held you in my arms The first time I heard your cry The first time ,your first word Your first day of school Oh how I remember your first time your first boyfriend , your first date your first prom your first marriage your first baby I remember the First time. Babies first time, passes quickly. Then, once again you begin your first time I love you my sweet daughter This is the beginning of your childrens first time.

Debra Bryant Lykins