Kaylen – A day in life session

Remember Kaylen? She’s the newborn with stern looking facial expression we shot before, who gave us quite a hard time shooting her actually… hahaha…Now she’s turning two, and we got the chance to shoot her again! This time it’s a day in life session of Kaylen with her kind parents!

The session starts before Kaylen was awake, so Kaylen was kinda surprised and actually cried when she saw me early that day. (Actually it’s because she couldn’t find her mom next to her when she awake.) #SelfAssuring

Thankfully the warcry didn’t last long as she soon returned to the cheery bubbly Kaylen that her parents told me about. Turns out Kaylen likes to sing and dance the most. Every time she hears music from iPad she’ll start singing and randomly dancing on the tune, and it’s fun to watch how she fall and stumble on the floor. The best moment captured was of course the ‘don’t touch me! I’m not impressed’ expression! Believe me, I didn’t make it up. I didn’t do anything to get that expression! It was the security guards whol called her and she didn’t like it.) LOL.

I simply love how Kaylen smiles in these pictures. It’s the kind of smile that melts any parents. Kaylen, remember to use this smile weapon whenever you want to get out of trouble, okay kay?

It’s such a short time, 2 years, yet I can see so much potential in Kaylen’s future. Keep being cheerful and remember to keep on smiling ya!