Keefe Heygen – 11 Months

“You know how to create a dimple on kids? When pregnant, eat satay sideways. Poke left for right dimple, poke right for the right dimple.”  – Keefe’s father

What a handsome boy with cute dimple!

That’s our impression when we met him. And indeed when we searched the meaning of Kefee, we found handsome, noble, gentle, lovable and loved.

Born almost a year ago, Keefe is cherished by his proud parents, and two older brothers, a calm and cool older brother and the mischievous younger brother. Together with the father, that makes 4 males in the family. And one would wonder how their mom could cope up with all those playful creatures.

But fear not, she is a super mom. She puts everything under control and the photo session went smoothly. Of course Dad also helped a lot to keep Keefe and his brothers entertained and smiled.

Keefe being a great visual learner is not easily distracted by sounds, but he wants to touch everything within his reach. Especially foreign objects like my camera! And that’s not a bad thing actually, because he gave cheeky smiles every time he does that.

We enjoyed photographing Keefe and families. It was fun, and thrilling experience, and we hope our pictures represent what we feel. So please enjoy and share these picture moments with your friends and families!