Kimmy and Sophia – A Tale of Two Cousins

Giant and Friends were really lucky this time, we’ve finally photograph cousins, our first cousins photography!

What’s more surprising they were born only 6 weeks apart! So we couldn’t content our excitement and we had so many things in our head of how we should make these lovely babies’ portraits. We were even more surprised when we met Kimmy, she is so chubby with her big eyes, puffy cheek and yes a double chin! And she just couldn’t stop moving! She moves her arms and feet as if she’s inside a swimming pool. What’s even funnier is when I say one, two, three, cheese! She really stops for a photo and she keeps looking at the camera! What a cute adorable chubby baby.

Meanwhile her cousin Sophia is such a delicate to photograph, maybe because she’s just 2 weeks old so most of the time she just sleeps and sleeps, but hey we are not complaining. A sleeping is the easiest to pose and beautified. I wonder when Sophia reaches 2 months would she’d be like Kimmy? Hope we will find out soon! hehe

Note: Photographing cousin is so fun and yet so challenging at a time because we only have one photographer and one stylist so the babies have to take turn. Thank you for the kind and cooperative parents we’ve got lots of keeper.

Cousins from the beginning, friends till the end!