Lorraine – 3 Months

“It was 8 AM and the doorbell rang…Who dare to disturb my much needed beauty sleep?! I need to look pretty. Mom! Get my shower ready and don’t forget the milk!”

Lorraine the Queen (nickname was given by her mother and not us) and we wondered why the nickname? Soon we got the answer. She sure was not pleased to be bothered so early in the morning. The first two hours were not exactly the easiest to shoot with. She took her time to get warm up with strangers, especially a weird looking 6 foot 4 tall man with a tiny camera. Her lips were tight closed, her eyes were saying don’t keep on shooting me! Let me alone!

However pass two hours, something magical happened. She started to open up, smiling and even waving and posed to the camera! What happened? Did Photo God finally decided to show up? I am not exactly sure but I know we just got our favourite series of shots of the day. ^__^


The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.

Marcus Tullius Cicero