Lorraine & Noel – 10 Months

We believe no one can understand babies better than their own moms. That’s why this time instead of us writing the introduction of our little friends, we let the moms do the honor. Mellia & Melissa has been good friends for a long time, and what’s more interesting is their babies were born just a week apart. Noel was born on Valentine’s day, while Lorraine born a week after on the 21st February. But the similarities ends there, as Noel & Lorraine couldn’t be more different.

So without further ado, here are the words written by Mellia & Melissa.

6 months after the first shoot, Lorraine has changed a lot, but she is still the queen of the house. She is getting more mischievous and hyper. And smarter too! She loves watching “Onara Taisou” and even tries to sing along and dances as well. She has new favorite things such as her yellow soft blanket and books! Lorraine is not that picky when it comes about foods. She eats most of everything, except banana and pear, she doesn’t really like it. She also exercises while eating, I call that run-and-fight eating style. She doesn’t sit calmly (while eating at home), she crawls everywhere, climbs anything she can hold onto. (That explains her shape is still slim and firm, she only has her height increased lol).  –  Love Mellia, mother of Lorraine, the mischievous queen 

Noel is a handsome little prince. With his charming smile, he captures everyone’s heart where ever he goes. He wears trousers for 18 months old baby and he has 8 teeth already. He likes playing with his toys, but what he loves the most is being breastfed by his mommy. In his 10th month, Noel can now stand by himself for a few seconds and toddling while holding on to nearby furniture or person.  –  Love Melissa, mother of Noel, the handsome little prince