Meredith Newborn

As a newborn photographer team, Doreen & I have handled so many different kinds of newborns, and to tell you the truth, Meredith was one of the most challenging newborn session so far. Please don’t get me wrong, its’ not about the appearance. As you can see from our gallery, She’s plump, healthy and super cute. Probably the prettiest baby girl we’ve had for a long time.

Before the session, we’ve told the parents to feed her well and had her pee poo done. Our set has been set up to ensure her session went smoothly and as quick as possible. But you know what, sometimes all the preparation to ensure the safety and comfort of a home newborn photo session doesn’t guarantee a smooth sail.
Meredith was constantly restless. She kept on crying whenever we put her on the set. We and her parent would pick her up and try to calm her by putting her into sleep and this process usually takes quite a bit of time. Whenever we thought she’s ready, we’d put her again on the set, but again as soon as she’s landed on the set she’d start to cry again. To be honest, after the first 2 hours of encounter the repetitive loop of action, I wanted to call it a day and gave Meredith another baby photoshoot when she reaches 6 months. But her mom thought that’s too long and wanted to keep on going. And I’m so glad that we did.

Baby Meredith doesn’t want to be on set, yet she slept so well in her mom’s arms. So we do what every photographer do, we improvised! So instead making pictures on our standard set, we make the mom as the set. We put our wrapping clothes on top of mom’s shirt and place baby Meredith on her shoulder and we changed our approach to documentary shooting instead of the set.

Home newborn photography is not exactly as easy as a walk in the park. Bringing our set to client’s house means introducing a new environment to the newborn baby. Some babies quickly adapt, some takes a little longer, thus they require more patience and tenacity from both the parents and photographers. Shooting a newborn photography is indeed a team effort, and we want to extend our gratitude to Meredith’s mom, Mery for her patience, tenacity, hard work and understanding to make the session works. We won’t be able to get through it without your tremendous love to Meredith. Now that looking through the images, I’m so glad that we made the impromptu set as I feel that’s the best images from the session. I hope you enjoy looking through the images as much as we do.

Jack & Doreen