Mika & Kimy – a Day in the life of Twins

Life with Twins…

Sometimes I say to myself… What was god thinking? 

There are days when there is not enough of me to go around and the house is a mess and there is 2 times the laundry and 2 times the diapers and 4 muddy feet and 2 glasses of spilled milk….

But most days I feel truly blessed to have 4 little arms to hug me and 4 big eyes to melt my heart. I like double the kisses and getting 2 special Valentines on Valentines Day.

You are so small and innocent and I know you will grow up much too soon. So I’ll let the housework slide for a while. I have an excuse… I’m raising twins and I’m blessed.

You bring me double the joy and I wouldn’t trade these moments for diamonds and rubies.

I am doubly blessed… for God gave me the honor of loving twins!


written by Patsy Gaut