Milanka First Birthday Celebration

Milanka’s First Birthday Celebration is awesome. Why?

There were no highly decorated sets, no balloons, no games, no loud music, no sweets and gifts for children, heck, there wasn’t even a guest. With so many missing elements would you even consider it as a party? However compared to the majority of babies birthday parties I have attended, I find her the most enjoyable and meaningful to date.

How often have you came to a one-year-old birthday party, and saw a tired, confused and moody birthday baby? A Birthday party is probably the first time so many strangers are swarming in to have a pinch or two of her cheek. The first time so many strangers are calling her name. The continuous games and loud music blasting from all corners of the room. With so many unknown faces, noises, and attentions directed to her, there’s a little wonder she became moody, tired and grumpy, isn’t it?

Milanka’s birthday was not a party, but a mere celebration. A simple first birthday celebration of turning one. It was attended only by four people, her mom and dad, grandpa and grandma. The only thing present was a symbol of the birthday itself, a pretty birthday cake decorated with her name in her favorite (or her mom’s) favorite color. Milanka and her parents are totally relaxed throughout the session. She laughed at every silly tease of her mom. She got so excited whenever her dad carries her up to the sky. Oh my, it was beautiful and warm and, of course, that translates to great beautiful pictures on the camera.

Oh by the way, in the Chinese first birthday tradition, parents would put a group of items near the baby. If the baby grabs a coin, he or she might become a successful businessman, a book maybe a scientist or a teacher, a doll she might have many children, etc. Guess what she grabbed on that day? Yes, she stare and played at our block letters. Hehehe. Regardless of that, we pray and hope that she’d become a tenacious woman that’d go relentlessly after her dream and make her parent proud.



Jack Muliadi