Nadia and Zen Maternity Session – Azka

Azka – Keep on Moving Forward

Such a strong and determined boy’s name from a lovely couple Nadia and Zen. When I met them for the first time, I knew the session is going to be beautiful. Zen is so caring to Nadia, ensuring she’s comfortable and well-cared throughout the session. They said woman is the most beautiful when they are pregnant, and I couldn’t agree more. Just look at Nadia’s glow and full of smiles in our pictures!

Before the session, we asked them to write a letter to Azka. A letter which meant to be read when Azka has grown up a little bit. The letter Zen and Nadia wrote really touched our heart. But we are not sure if could release it because it’s meant to be read when Azka has grown up to achieve his own dreams.

What do you think? Should we release it?