Natalie, Maureen, Steven

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that we remember for a long time, especially when those moments are hard to come by. Natalie is 6 and she has a little 1.5 year old sister, Maureen both lives in the states, while Steven (3.5) lives in Jakarta. Obviously separated by continents, having three of them in a single frame is not an easy task to do.

The last time I met this family, Natalie was barely a year, and Steven and Maureen weren’t even born yet. At that age, she barely speaks and the words coming from her were gibberish and random but we know she’s a talkative one for sure. Five years later, she is now so articulate, expresses herself well and talks so fast that I need to tell her to slow down so that I can understand her. When she gets quiet, that means she’s started her drawing and she draws really well as you could see from the picture.

Time surely flies too quickly…

Her sister, Maureen is the exact opposite, she is a quiet one but not the shy introvert kind that likes to hide in the corner… she’s more a ninja type of quiet. Occasionally she’d make random gibberish baby words but most of the time she would run around and reach for stuffs without making a sound; she expresses herself whether it’s a smile, a laugh, asking for attention, for food, or worries mostly only with her facial expressions again without a sound..

Don’t let your sight out of her… I mean who dare when she’s so cute and full of lively expressions.

Steven, the male cousin is a boy with a big heart and a great smile. As we sat down for a meal after the shooting wrap up, he attentively watched this tired photographer and kindly offered me some of his French fries without anyone told him to do so. Sharing is caring and it’s a wonderful thing that a kid could learn the gesture at such a young age.

Natalie, Maureen and Steven, the three cousins. Our hope is that you’ll become friends of a lifetime and please don’t grow up… at least not so quickly.