Richard & Celci Wedding

Richard Winarta and I went to the same junior high. A Catholic school that was so small each level had only one class, and usually when the class is so small, the bond between pupils are stronger. We played the same sports, got beaten by the same physical education teacher, skipped classes together, and dreaded the Monday morning flag raising ceremonies.
We also attended the same senior high school, much larger, but we ended up on the same class twice on different level. Coincidence? Probably, but I put my fingers on my parents psychic powers. Thankfully we didn’t end up at the same university, and while I was abroad I keep contact with Richard and now we are practically hang out buddies!
So I have known Richard for almost half of my life, and being trusted to capture one of his most precious moments together with his wife, Celci was an honor for me. It’s such a humbling experience to be part of your wedding, from early morning at 6 AM until late night at 10 PM. Thank you for your trust and I wish you, Richard and Cecil a happy marriage that last longer than life.

Marriage is not about who starts first. It’s a race on finishing last