Who We Are

You know what the great thing about babies is? They are like little bundles of hope. Like the future in a basket.

Lish McBride

Indeed babies are truly life’s greatest blessing. At giant & friends we are honored to treasure those timeless moments of seeing one’s child perfectly captured in time. Atlas our friendly giant knows that every child is special. Zac is an energizer bunny yet observant, Misha is quiet yet so cheery, while Joy is Joy…mischievous yet so adorable.. Oh, trust Atlas, he knows. He has allowed more children on his back and head than any other giant or human being out there..

Every child is unique and being able to capture those adorable, honest, unguarded, innocent expressions and moments, the laughter, the tears and the passion are what we strive for in our pictures.



We make every effort to bring the best of children’s characters and personalities in our pictures. So be it rough and dirty, sweet and dreamy, sporty and adventurous, quirky and fun, we put our creative hats to bring the essence of your child in frames.

baby octo


Those big laughter,and the careless and curious attitudes towards the world are slowly fading once kids enter adulthood. Therefore we aim to capture those candid, unguarded moments where children are simply just being themselves.

baby ufo


We want you to feel welcome, at ease and trust your little ones with us. At Giant and Friends, our huge size but friendly, passionate, gentle and creative team are honored to share our world with your child experience of growing up.

The team

Jack Muliadi

At 6’4, Jack is possibly the tallest photographer who shoots babies for a living. The owner and main photographer of giant & friends.

Stool? What stool? I don’t need that

Doreen Kartika

With honor degree in Design visuals in UK, Doreen has impeccable eyes for good design. The designer of giant & friends.

These boots are made for walkin